The Vaccine Debate…and a Solution

16 Apr

If our Loving Government & All-Knowing Highly Scientific Medical Establishment were truly interested in promoting HEALTH, here’s how they would deal with the anti-vaxxers:
1) develop safer vaccines with no mercury, no formaldehyde or other dangerous ingredients.
2) encourage parents to work out their own delayed vaccine schedule with their doctor
3) encourage single dose vaccines and ONLY for diseases that could actually be dangerous.
(This would eliminate many of the current vaccines).
4) work with & respect the views of parents who consult Naturopaths & Homeopaths (who have had extensive training in how to KEEP a child healthy using natural ‘vaccines’, aka proper nutrition & the correct nutritional supplements.)
5) recognize that healthy people don’t get sick. A healthy, properly nourished child does not need the same level of protection as a sickly or improperly
nourished one.

If they would do this, most anti-vaxxer parents would probably agree to a judicious use of some vaccines, resulting in a 96-98% vaccination rate, more than enough for ‘herd immunity’ against infectious diseases.

But they won’t do this. It is not about the greater good & helping people be healthier. It’s about furthering their agenda of Control, using pseudo-science as a prop.

So sad.

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