Western Medical Voodoo

20 Apr

One day…maybe decades from now but I hope sooner….we will look back on this era of “modern scientific western medicine” the way we currently view leeches, drilling holes in the head and examining laboring mothers with unwashed hands. 80% or more of our medical practices are not “scientific”. They serve only one purpose: enrich the drug companies & pad the bank accounts of unscrupulous doctors.  

Many doctors are honest & well-intentioned, but horrifically brainwashed by their medical school training. They are taught to think alternative, holistic medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy, Chinese acupuncture & herbs) is “Voodoo”.
Yet it is Western-trained doctors who are practicing Voodoo, aka medicine designed only to promote Big Pharma and it’s never-ending stream of toxins. And to hell with people’s lives or suffering.

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