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Liberalism IS a Mental Disease

20 Jul

Just one example …there are so many…

But just this one:

Liberals screech & moan about ‘children separated from their parents’ at the border….and blame Pres. Trump.

President Trump INHERITED the problem. During the Obama years, children were kept in much worse conditions & no one bothered to as ascertain if they were claimed by child sex traffickers posing as their parents/ relatives.

DJT has been doing everything possible to improve conditions (which he has, greatly) and to try to ensure that children are released to their actual non-criminal parents, not to sex traffickers, rapists, or other criminals.

But those infected with the Liberal pathogen do not care about facts.

And they don’t care about logic either. Nearly all of them rabidly support Planned Parenthood (see my separate article on PP) which cheerfully aborts 800+ babies a day, mostly black babies, forever ‘separating’ them from their parents.

MOST women if given proper honest counseling & support about the effects of abortion on them as well as their baby, would CHOOSE not to abort.

Aborting within 1st trimester for valid psychological or physical reasons is humane.

However evil abortion mills like Planned Parenthood have been duping women into aborting for decades for profit & their agenda of eliminating blacks.

800+ abortions a day is not choice, it’s slaughter.

The Liberal pathogen is metastasizing & growing more violent. Find a cure. Quickly.



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