I’m a Mom/Grandmom of 4 outstanding kids, 2 lovely daughters-in law and 4 brilliant & beautiful grand-kids! (This is an entirely non-prejudiced opinion).

I’ve followed natural & holistic healing for over 40 years, children raised holistically without vaccinations, drugs, antibiotics. Good nutrition was our medicine…and it worked.

On this blog, I will frequently be ranting agaist the evils of so-called modern medicine, which sadly today represents profits & ‘disease management’ NOT healing. Exempt from my medical rants are surgeons, nurses, EMTs who work hard and save lives. Also kudos go to those few but vocal MDs who somehow survived their indoctrination in the AMA-controlled brainwashing propaganda institutions that pass for medical schools and went on to become actual Healers. Some became Naturopaths, Homeopaths etc, some speak out publically, others just try to be very open-minded (aka honest) & are genuinely committed to keeping their patients healthy by the best and safest means available, whether holistic or conventional.

I’ll also discuss spiritual topics, from a metaphysical viewpoint, world travel…and the occasional yummy recipe or whatever else I find of interest.

I’ve been blessed to have lived all over the world: London, Florence, Rome, Germany & Japan, and have visited many more places. In the US, I’ve lived in San Fernando Valley, CA, Washington DC, Santa Fe & Albuquerque, NM, Sarasota, FL, Afton Mountain, VA, San Diego CA, Charleston SC, Newport RI, Annapolis MD, Katy, TX and Kailua, HI. When people ask me where I’m from I usually say: ‘this planet’. :-))

I speak fluent Italian & German, getting-better Spanish, & (just for fun) have attempted a bit of Japanese and Hawaiian.

After living in Hawaii, I started playing the “World’s Greatest Instrument”, the ‘Ukulele. I play for free but if you pay me, I will stop. 🙂

I worked as a professional Mom for 30 years, a private webmaster for 15 years and now trade forex (when not playing the ‘Ukulele)

***BTW…If anyone knows of a good alternate Universe, preferably run by dolphins .. please let me know.***

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