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Great Entrpreneurial Opportunity for Californians!

7 Jul

California just passed SB277 which forces vaccinations, following a draconian schedule, on all children attending public or private schools. Soon this bill will extend to all adults who work with children. And there are many more toxic vaccines in the pipeline…dozens & dozens just waiting to be injected into new little bloodstreams.

So if this insane & outrageous law is not nullified (SCOTUS?) California wiil soon EXPLODE with vaccine-damaged children. Autism will be the new norm.

So…entrepreneurs, start your engines: anyone providing services for autistic & otherwise impaired children can make some good money. Maybe even the (bankrupt) State will pay you to provide rehabilitative & supportive services for these kids.

The perfect storm…State creates them, then provides money they don’t have to rehabilitate them.

Could people be more insane? In the name of ‘science’? Fake, pseudo, dishonest science.

25 Questions from a (former) Pro-vaxxer

16 May

This man was firmly pro-vaccines….until he decided to do some real research on his own. The results turned him completely and now he has 25 IMPORTANT questions for anyone who still thinks vaccines are “safe & effective”:

First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers

23 Apr

Dr. Tenpenny said:
“Pour yourself a beverage and spend extra time reading this incredibly well written/documented article. Then share it, print it for a hand out and save it in your folders. Refutes every pro-vaccine argument spewed out by pharma’s propaganda team: the Media, Offit and others.”

I agree…a beautifully written & entertaining article. Unfortunately those who need to read it most probably won’t because they worship their doctors & Big Pharmas lies.

Two quotes:
Whatever Your Views on Vaccines, the Prospect of Forced Vaccination Ought to Make You Very Very Afraid

Do those who believe in mandated vaccination really want to establish the precedent of granting a government body the power to compel people to be injected with substances against their will? You may support the forced vaccination of other people’s children because you think vaccines are undeniably beneficial and problem-free. But you may not be so thrilled about the next substance the state decides everyone should have forced into their veins.”
“The pro-vaccine lobby has done a phenomenal job of inciting fear among the American public in a way that happens to serve its interests: Fear of little children who may not have been vaccinated; fear of other parents who may make choices different from yours; fear of a disease that in the developed world is far less deadly than lightning strikes. But they’ve left out one of the most frightening specters of all, one that has a truly horrifying historical record of death and destruction: An all-powerful state that can literally do whatever it wishes to those living under it. If that prospect frightens you less than the remote possibility that you might contract measles from my five year old, then quite frankly you scare the hell out of me.”

Link to full article:

First They Came for the Anti-Vaxxers.

Evidence Grows Against Vaccines

20 Apr

The evidence showing vaccine-related injuries mounts.

The evidence showing vaccines do NOT provide total protection against disease is clear.
The evidence showing that recently vaccinated people are the main ones spreading the disease has been demonstrated.

So now who/what will the blind medical profession and their media lapdogs blame? 

If Physicians were genuinely interested in the HEALTH of their patients, they would unite and fight for: 
Better education about healthy eating, use of homeopathic & natural remedies.
Removal of all GMOs & toxic additives from US foods; 
Development of safer single-disease vaccines with NO dangerous additives and judicious use of them for people at risk, not one size fits all.
Education of parents about protecting babies through breastfeeding, diet, hygiene.
No recommended vaccinations before age 3 for healthy children.

They would also demand far more education in medical schools about the role of holistic nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, TCM, Ayurvedic medicine…etc.

In other words, they would demand to be trained as HEALERS, the way they were meant to be.

A Physician Reacts to Measles Hysteria

20 Apr

A few days ago, we posted a new blog by TIMC’s holistic pediatrician, Dr Janet Levatin.…/measles-2015-a-tempest-in-a-teapot/

A physician wrote the following comment. I’m re-posting it here for everyone to read:
“Thank you for this article, and a series of other articles which have exposed a growing Medical Fascism which is a danger to the patient, their freedom of medical choice and which poses a threat to the safe practice of medicine itself.
I was not aware of the severity of the problem until one day a few weeks ago, I noticed, to my amazement, mass hysteria in the news media over about 100 cases of Measles in population of over 300 million people. Even the Huffington Post got in on it, with something like 5 or 6 pro-vaccination articles including an interview with her highness and famed vaccination “expert” (??) Queen Melinda Gates of the Kingdom of Billonia (pronounced “Bullonia”) in which she criticized the “anti-vaxers”. And then there was the Huffington Post article in which a Pediatrician had the impertinence and insolence to compare “anti-vaxers” with drunk drivers!
Rather than an intelligent and open discussion, even some Doctors exposed a snarling hatred, denunciation and emotional criticisms agains the “anti-vaxers” in which anyone who dared disagree was shouted down, insulted, ridiculed and their comments dismissed.
I kept thinking to myself, this is the 21st century, people can read, the shortcomings of the vaccines are well known and the questionable safety of them is surely understood.
Apparently not. The combination of corporatist controlled news media and the existence of a symbiotic parasitic relationship between media, government, research labs, manufacturers and many conventional Doctors all combine to confuse, distort and, ultimately, smooth over the numerous deficiencies, defective conceptualizations, pretensions of “immunization” and other shortcomings and dangers of the vaccines which some dare demand be administered without parental approval needed.
Yet even pro-vaccination experts admit to the shortcomings. One author, Dr. Poland, a Professor of Medicine and Editor of the Journal “Vaccine,” indicates that multiple studies show 2 to 10% of the those vaccinated with MMR fail to reach sufficiently high levels of antibodies for protection.
And often the vaccines just plain fail to protect (the “immunization” failed !), for example when bad side effects eventually forced the weakening of the Whooping Cough vaccine and various outbreaks have occurred since, blamed on the…”anti-vaxers”.
It gradually occurred to me that this was not really about vaccines at all. This can be seen by the cavalier attitude of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which, apparently, distributed Oral Polio Vaccine in India. Was this the same as the Oral Polio Vaccine which is banned in the U.S. and U.K. since around the year 2000 because of Vaccine related paralysis cases….causing the very thing that it was supposed to protect? The Supreme Court of India is investigating and may bring charges.
This is about medical fascism and corporatist machine medicine. One size fits all, one pill, one chemotherapy, one vaccine and one big brother mass media to let you know how you should think about it. Well, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t and everyone does NOT agree and that there are reasons to disagree and that we have and will continue to have many questions. Many….questions.”

The Vaccine Debate…and a Solution

16 Apr

If our Loving Government & All-Knowing Highly Scientific Medical Establishment were truly interested in promoting HEALTH, here’s how they would deal with the anti-vaxxers:
1) develop safer vaccines with no mercury, no formaldehyde or other dangerous ingredients.
2) encourage parents to work out their own delayed vaccine schedule with their doctor
3) encourage single dose vaccines and ONLY for diseases that could actually be dangerous.
(This would eliminate many of the current vaccines).
4) work with & respect the views of parents who consult Naturopaths & Homeopaths (who have had extensive training in how to KEEP a child healthy using natural ‘vaccines’, aka proper nutrition & the correct nutritional supplements.)
5) recognize that healthy people don’t get sick. A healthy, properly nourished child does not need the same level of protection as a sickly or improperly
nourished one.

If they would do this, most anti-vaxxer parents would probably agree to a judicious use of some vaccines, resulting in a 96-98% vaccination rate, more than enough for ‘herd immunity’ against infectious diseases.

But they won’t do this. It is not about the greater good & helping people be healthier. It’s about furthering their agenda of Control, using pseudo-science as a prop.

So sad.

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