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Jesus Taught Reincarnation

20 Apr

A book was written over 20 years ago that i believe is one of the most important ever written…and yet practically no one has heard of it. 

The book is “Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation: A Better News Gospel” by Dr. Herbert Puryear.  Why so important? Because this book, aimed primarily at Christians who think that a belief in reincarnation is somehow ‘wrong’, goes to great lengths to explain how belief in reincarnation was not only a ‘given’ in Jesus’ time, but Jesus actually taught it. Or at least tried to .. so many of his teachngs on this & other vital topics were expunged from the Bible at a later date.

“The Council of Nicea took the wings off of Jesus’ message, and replaced them with chains” –Whitley Streiber,

Other reviewers of this book on Amazon have given excellent synopsis of important areas of the book, so I’m not going to re-cap what the book says. I just want to express my opinion that a great Lie was presented to early Christians as doctrine; this was done primarily or perhaps solely to keep ‘the people’ under control of the Church. One life .. one shot … do as we say, or you are forever damned. Very, very scary to your average peasant. No wonder those alms boxes were kept full.

Dr. Puryear does the western world a great service by explaining in an academic & well-researched manner just how wrong this idea of ‘one life’ really is .. and how references to reincarnation were distorted into the ‘exclusionary’ belief system embraced by so many Christians today: God loves you, Jesus loves you but if you don’t believe in Jesus EXACTLY as we (aka Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah Witness, –insert your religion of choice here– ) do, then you WILL go to HELL forever and ever and ever. Which means about 80% of the people who have ever lived are there right now.
Yeah, God REALLY must love us!
Think for a second .. that is ridiculous.

So if you’re a Bible-thumpin’ Christian, stop thumpin’ for a minute, open your mind and read this book. Once you get what Jesus was REALLY trying to teach us, it is mind-blowing, and far greater than imagined. He was NEVER ‘exclusive’, He was trying to show us how to navigate this physical world and eventually ascend as He did. That takes way more than one physical lifetime.

Non-Christians will gain from this book as well, just be warned Dr. Puryear is writing mainly for Christians holding conventional beliefs. He is trying (and I think succeeds) to give them the REALLY Good News.

I hope Dr. Puryear writes an update to this book soon. In the meantime, please get a copy for yourself, one for your Pastor and one for your Church library. The sooner this ‘Good News’ gets out, the better for us all.

Raymond Ibrahim

Middle East and Islam Specialist

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