Modern Medicine: my view

Probably over 50% of this blog will be my rants against conventional “western”AMA-based medicine, so I wanted to clarify my thoughts on so called “modern”medicine.

First of all, there are a few sectors of modern medicine exempt from my wrath:

Surgeons: without whose skills we would be in bad shape after, say, an auto accident

Nurses: for the most part (a few exceptions) they are dedicated, hard-working and see a lot of really bad medicine practiced by Doctors yet they have to keep their mouths shut and try to do the best they can to make patients comfortable.

EMT workers: same as nurses. For the most part these are dedicated, caring people.

Medical researchers (excluding those who cause suffering to live animals which is completely unnecessary). The ones working in genetic and cellular research are making incredible progress in understanding how our bodies operate at the cellular level and are instrumental in developing therapies or even cures for illnesses that are beyond the reach of holistic medicine.

Holistic, natural medicine is not all-good.
“Modern” conventional medicine is not all bad.

The best solution is a marriage of the two:
Integrative Medicine: taking the best of both worlds WITHOUT being influenced by fake science studies, greed, profits or power.
Working instead for the Well-Being of every person.

HEALTHY people DO NOT get sick. So it should be the focus of every health practitioner to do whatever works best to keep people healthy.

That’s how I see it.

(Unfortunately that’s not how the AMA or Big Pharma sees it)

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