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Disease Management For Profit$ and Greed

20 May

One day, and I hope not too far in the future, we will look back on most of the practices of our current pathetic excuse for a medical system the same way we now regard torturing people for daring to say the earth was round & revolved around the sun; or washing hands before putting them inside women giving birth because invisible things called “germs”really did exist. Or cutting out parts of people’s brains to “cure” them of mental illness; or applying leeches to a sick human body to extract the “bad blood”(that’s how his doctors killed George Washington).

One day so-called modern medical practices will be considered just as barbaric: Injecting healthy newborns, babies & toddlers with dozens of poisons and toxins to “protect” them from mostly harmless diseases; dispensing drugs to everything that moves for every possible ailment; poo-poohing any kind of natural holistic treatments as “voo-doo” science, including medical practices that have been effective WHILE DOING NO HARM for thousands of years.

Our current Disease Management system is a mess. For decades, doctors have been forced to endure years of “brainwashing” education to ensure they do not deviate from the accepted norm once they are licensed. So they will join the ranks of pill-pushers-for-profit, NOT in any sense of the word, Healers.

(I am going to exempt from this rant the following groups: nurses & EMT workers who are highly trained & most serve selflessly; surgeons, whose skills are absolutely necessary if bones get broken or other body trauma occurs; and some (not all) medical researchers who have made and are making incredible discoveries that will help us be healthier than ever before.)

My disdain is confined to those medical practitioners who swallow without questioning the garbage they were taught because their minds are full of all the money they can make, or they’re just too lazy to do any real research. These days a few hours spent on Google would open them to a whole new world of actual HEALING methodologies that are TRIED, TRUE and do not involve poisoning people.
However they also won’t get nearly as rich promoting these methodologies. Therein may lie the problem.

Because it is SO lucrative to be a physician in the USA today, we are probably attracting a larger group of people who are choosing this profession almost solely for that reason. (I know people who chose Dentistry because it took less time than becoming a doctor & they make almost as much money. Then they go on to a career of filling people’s mouths full of mercury without once doing actual research on its impact on human health.)

To return to a real HEALTHCARE system, we need to abolish the AMA and its toxic ideologies, end the crushing control of Big Pharma and make the practice of medicine rewarding, but not so insanely lucrative. Doctors in many other countries are not paid off by drug companies to push drugs, nor paid by insurance companies to order as many “necessary” tests, procedures, invasions as possible to collect the highest amount. In many other countries physicians are paid to help people maintain health; they are paid well, but not extravagantly.

Our medical system is toxic. People who could be restored to real health are suffering and dying needlessly. The news media goes nuts when someone is killed by a bullet, yet everyone ignores the tens of thousands of needless deaths-by-pharmeceuticals that occur each year. (every single mass killer in recent history has been on some form of physician-prescribed psychotropic drugs or RI’s).

Now they are talking about forcing vaccinations, the first step in taking away ALL our medical choices. Most of America is on psychotropic drugs & are already so dumbed down they are barely able to make intelligent decisions.

Yet something needs to be done…and quickly. Autism, obesity, cancers & other systemic diseases are on the rise especially among children.

Either this is a well-planned Eugenics program (as many believe it is) or we have let things get terribly out of control and we need to take back control of our Health … and soon.

End Big Pharma’s stranglehold control. Don’t like high healthcare costs? They could be a fraction of what they are now without the ocean of toxic drugs flooding the system.

End the AMA. Replace it with the AIHA, the American Integrative Healthcare Association: embracing the best of western, eastern & all holistic modalities to promote real health for everyone.

We deserve to be healthy, not medicated to death & living in fear of disease or crippling medical bills. Let’s change it. Quickly.

25 Questions from a (former) Pro-vaxxer

16 May

This man was firmly pro-vaccines….until he decided to do some real research on his own. The results turned him completely and now he has 25 IMPORTANT questions for anyone who still thinks vaccines are “safe & effective”:


California Governor Announces Frosted Mercury Flakes for Kids (satire)

4 May

(NaturalNews) In order to make sure the children of California become just as brain damaged as the state’s legislators, California Governor Jerry Brown has announced a plan to launch Frosted Mercury Flakes cereal that’s fortified with the same health-promoting metals used in vaccines.

The cereal consists primarily of sugar-coated mercury flakes that are stabilized with aluminum and preserved with formaldehyde — all the same ingredients still used in vaccines. It will be handed out for free to all California households. Households living in poverty or occupied by minorities will be given two boxes of the cereal.

“People who say Frosted Mercury Flakes is bad for human health are anti-science,” said Gov. Brown in a televised statement. “The science is clear: if mercury and aluminum are safe enough to inject into children, they’re also safe enough to eat for breakfast.”

What Governor Brown won’t say publicly, however, is that California’s political leadership is intentionally trying to recreate Idiocracy while producing a new generation of autistic workers who can run the state’s ever-expanding bureaucracy which consists primarily of mindless, repetitive tasks.

If children are allowed to grow up with fully-intact brains that function at a high level, they might question the idiocy of California’s political leadership. “Brain-damaged children are the bedrock of California’s political and economic future,” insisted Gov. Brown. “Remember, these are tomorrow’s voters! It is our duty to make sure they remain fully capable of limited thinking.”

Frosted Mercury Flakes is manufactured by General Pills and a rumor is circulating that it will soon be available on the shelves at Whole Foods, right next to the brown rice protein.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049573_Frosted_Mercury_Flakes_childrens_cereal_Governor_Brown.html#ixzz3ZBsjHeS7

Yes the above is Satire….but sadly, based on truth….

A Physician Reacts to Measles Hysteria

20 Apr

A few days ago, we posted a new blog by TIMC’s holistic pediatrician, Dr Janet Levatin. http://tenpennyimc.com/…/measles-2015-a-tempest-in-a-teapot/

A physician wrote the following comment. I’m re-posting it here for everyone to read:
“Thank you for this article, and a series of other articles which have exposed a growing Medical Fascism which is a danger to the patient, their freedom of medical choice and which poses a threat to the safe practice of medicine itself.
I was not aware of the severity of the problem until one day a few weeks ago, I noticed, to my amazement, mass hysteria in the news media over about 100 cases of Measles in population of over 300 million people. Even the Huffington Post got in on it, with something like 5 or 6 pro-vaccination articles including an interview with her highness and famed vaccination “expert” (??) Queen Melinda Gates of the Kingdom of Billonia (pronounced “Bullonia”) in which she criticized the “anti-vaxers”. And then there was the Huffington Post article in which a Pediatrician had the impertinence and insolence to compare “anti-vaxers” with drunk drivers!
Rather than an intelligent and open discussion, even some Doctors exposed a snarling hatred, denunciation and emotional criticisms agains the “anti-vaxers” in which anyone who dared disagree was shouted down, insulted, ridiculed and their comments dismissed.
I kept thinking to myself, this is the 21st century, people can read, the shortcomings of the vaccines are well known and the questionable safety of them is surely understood.
Apparently not. The combination of corporatist controlled news media and the existence of a symbiotic parasitic relationship between media, government, research labs, manufacturers and many conventional Doctors all combine to confuse, distort and, ultimately, smooth over the numerous deficiencies, defective conceptualizations, pretensions of “immunization” and other shortcomings and dangers of the vaccines which some dare demand be administered without parental approval needed.
Yet even pro-vaccination experts admit to the shortcomings. One author, Dr. Poland, a Professor of Medicine and Editor of the Journal “Vaccine,” indicates that multiple studies show 2 to 10% of the those vaccinated with MMR fail to reach sufficiently high levels of antibodies for protection.
And often the vaccines just plain fail to protect (the “immunization” failed !), for example when bad side effects eventually forced the weakening of the Whooping Cough vaccine and various outbreaks have occurred since, blamed on the…”anti-vaxers”.
It gradually occurred to me that this was not really about vaccines at all. This can be seen by the cavalier attitude of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which, apparently, distributed Oral Polio Vaccine in India. Was this the same as the Oral Polio Vaccine which is banned in the U.S. and U.K. since around the year 2000 because of Vaccine related paralysis cases….causing the very thing that it was supposed to protect? The Supreme Court of India is investigating and may bring charges.
This is about medical fascism and corporatist machine medicine. One size fits all, one pill, one chemotherapy, one vaccine and one big brother mass media to let you know how you should think about it. Well, I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t and everyone does NOT agree and that there are reasons to disagree and that we have and will continue to have many questions. Many….questions.”

The Vaccine Debate…and a Solution

16 Apr

If our Loving Government & All-Knowing Highly Scientific Medical Establishment were truly interested in promoting HEALTH, here’s how they would deal with the anti-vaxxers:
1) develop safer vaccines with no mercury, no formaldehyde or other dangerous ingredients.
2) encourage parents to work out their own delayed vaccine schedule with their doctor
3) encourage single dose vaccines and ONLY for diseases that could actually be dangerous.
(This would eliminate many of the current vaccines).
4) work with & respect the views of parents who consult Naturopaths & Homeopaths (who have had extensive training in how to KEEP a child healthy using natural ‘vaccines’, aka proper nutrition & the correct nutritional supplements.)
5) recognize that healthy people don’t get sick. A healthy, properly nourished child does not need the same level of protection as a sickly or improperly
nourished one.

If they would do this, most anti-vaxxer parents would probably agree to a judicious use of some vaccines, resulting in a 96-98% vaccination rate, more than enough for ‘herd immunity’ against infectious diseases.

But they won’t do this. It is not about the greater good & helping people be healthier. It’s about furthering their agenda of Control, using pseudo-science as a prop.

So sad.